Month: September 2019

Dealology – Purchase Price & Post-Closing Liability Tax Factors

The purchase price in a private deal is never the headline number you first read about. It gets adjusted for a variety of factors, including tax considerations. Negotiating post-closing liability and indemnities also must take tax into account. In this video, Eric Schwartzman and Alexander Lee discuss purchase price and […]

Taking a Play out of the Financial Acquirer’s Playbook

As the NFL season gets underway, it is interesting to see how certain plays go from fringe status to near-universal. A recent example is the “run-pass option” that, before finding a home in every NFL team’s playbook, was used only in high school and college football games. [1] Coaches survey plays […]

Dealology – Three Key Issues in Private Equity Add-On Deals

Private equity add-on acquisitions – the deals where a PE firm has already purchased a portfolio company in an industry or market segment and uses that investment as a platform to acquire other companies – have increased every year since 2013 and in 2018 accounted for two-thirds of all private […]